Welcome to the Archival Elements blog!

by Jennifer Langford

Archivist and Special Collections Librarian

University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis

Welcome to the new Archival Elements blog! Although it seems almost retro to start a blog in 2022, we think this format will serve the section better than an annual newsletter. Archival Elements content is now available to a larger audience in a more timely way. Your articles, announcements, and other contributions can be published as they are received in a mobile-friendly format. This change also simplifies the workflow for the Archival Elements Committee, lending to its continuity.

All new internet ventures should include a cat meme! Photo by Walter Chandoha, from the 1960 ETHICON CAT-A-LOG. ETHICON, a manufacturer of surgical tools, sutures, and other medical equipment, began publishing their CAT-A-LOG in 1950 to stress that catgut is not actually made from cats. The CAT-A-LOGs were small booklets of humorous cat photos by Walter Chandoha and F.J. Higgins with captions written by nurses. From the Health Sciences Historical Collections, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis.

Regardless of format, Archival Elements depends on your participation to exist. As with the newsletter form, we seek and encourage your announcements, brief submissions, and articles (both short and longer form). Your feedback and suggestions on how to make Archival Elements better are always welcome as well. You can contact us at archival.elements.sthc@gmail.com .

Content and submission guidelines are available here. Past issues of the newsletter are available here on the STHC Microsite.

We will be reaching out to section members to participate in a couple of new, ongoing features for the blog. These are intended to help us get to know our fellow section members as well as the variety of institutions and holdings represented in STHC.

We look forward to hearing from you!

the Archival Elements Committee:

Jennifer Langford (editor)

Nora Zaldivar

Petter Collopy

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